Wistful and nostalgic, our wild frangipani scent is derived from a unique essential oil blend. Rich and true to this summer flower, this evocative scent will transport you to a tropical paradise.



This seductively captivating scent begins with rich spiced notes of Egyptian oud and embers. With hints of blood orange, lime and light florals, this careful balance of florals and spice blends seamlessly to create a timeless aromatic experience.



A sensual base of warm amber, sandalwood, and bush honey supported by mid-notes of citrus, eucalyptus and sage flower. These notes blend delicately with light citrus to reflect the essence of the Australian landscape.



Scent: A lush passionate scent, with zesty citrus top notes. This striking blend includes seductive notes of Tonka Bean, lime and verbena mixed with invigorating fresh coconut. This sweet and soft exotic perfume is the essence of summer bliss.



This sultry, mysterious, and seductive fragrance is characterised by its earthy base notes of leather, vetiver, amber and assorted woods. These rich elements are complemented by hints of musk and patchouli, and finished with  delicate top notes of jasmine, violet and tuberose.



This enticing adventurous blend is a complex union of lush rich green highs and a subtle woody base. In this fresh scent, earthy notes of musk, sandalwood and bamboo tangle with clean crisp highlights of amazon lily rain and green florals.



Bursting with bright citrus tones, this summer scent combines fresh ginger and green tea to transport you to a tropical island destination. Topped with sweet pomelo grapefruit and coconut palm, this unique blend is perfect for when you want to relax and unwind, dreaming of a sweet summer sun.